Windows 7: Start-up & Shutdown

   Well, after concluding that Windows 7 is worth it for the Aero theme, it’s time to talk about the speed of the start-up & shutdown.

   The start-up itself is fast, and sometimes too fast for it to handle. Sometimes, the start-up tune comes before the login screen, which does become annoying, because you could be out of the room, hear the sound, run back, and it be a black screen. But the login process and the Welcome screen happens fast, and once your desktop shows up, you are good to go.

   The shutdown goes smoothly, and doesn’t take more then 30 seconds for me, which is nice because I close my laptop when I’m not using it. The only thing is, you have to wait a few seconds after you exit your programs, because otherwise, you will get the screen saying: “These programs are preventing Windows from shutting down”. But, unless it’s a document or something along those lines, you are ok to force it, but it usually closes without clicking anything.

   When you are un-locking your Windows 7 machine, the unlocking process goes very fast, along with Hibernating & waking up from Sleeping.

   so, in conclusion, Microsoft doesn’t exaggerate when they say “Windows 7 is the fastest at starting up and shutting down”, in fact, they are not lying!

   Windows 7: Start-up & Shutdown Speed: Worth It!


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